Indian firm supplying ‘Cow Urine’ based medicine to Kashmir, APHC (G)

Indian firm supplying ‘Cow Urine’ based medicine to Kashmir, APHC (G)While taking serious and strong notice of supplying of ‘Cow Urine’ based medicine ‘Sanjeewani Vati’ prepared by the Indian System of Medicine (ISM) in Kashmir and free distribution of this medicine in the government dispensaries, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) said that it is a plot of the communal forces who want to hurt the sentiments of Muslim majority population by making them to eat a Haram substance.

While demanding for complete ban over the supply of this Haram substance in Kashmir and removal of this drug from the government counters, Hurriyat Conference said that it is not any life saving drug or any essential medicine which could affect the health care in the Valley. In a Tuesday’s press release, Hurriyat spokesman said that our sources told us that how on the directions of the government minister Mr. Chaudhery Lal Singh was this medicine supplied to the Valley and how was its free distribution arranged on the government drug counters.

Spokesman said that the communal forces had once in 1983 made same attempt but that triggered wide spread protests which forced the government to stop the supply. Spokesman said that Hurriyat Conference held a detailed meeting with the prominent doctors and specialists of the Valley who also agreed that it is not any necessary medicine and its supply is just a mischievous act of the communal elements to hurt the Muslims of the state. Hurriyat said that the PDP-BJP coalition government had started a process of playing with the religious sentiments of the Muslims. They are being stopped from eating Hallal things and are deceitfully made to eat Haram substances. It is an intolerable situation which will trigger a very strong reaction and it can create a very dangerous situation in the state. While demanding immediate halt to the supply of this Haram substance ‘Sanjeewani Vati’ in Kashmir and removal of this drug from the government drug counters, Hurriyat Conference appealed the people not to consume this Haram medicine.

Hurriyat conference also demanded impartial investigation in this scandal and said that the Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his party PDP has handed the complete control of this state in the hands of the communal forces and they are helping their plans with closed eyes. Whether it is the issue of construction of Sainik colony in the Valley, permanent settlement of West Pakistan refugees or the recent cow slaughter controversy, Mufti Sayeed every time preferred to remain mum and compromised over the national interest by obeying every dictation of the communal forces. All his slogans have proven a hoax and he has no other interest than his chair. Hurriyat Conference appealed the Ulamas and Islamic scholars to highlight the issue of this Haram medicine made with the ‘Cow Urine’ and ask people not to consume it.

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