AIP stages protest against capital punishment, Yakub’s hanging

Abolish death penalty or don’t hang Muslims selectively: Rasheed
Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) today carried out a protest march against capital punishment and hanging of Yakub Memon.
AIP stages protest against capital punishment, Yakub’s hangingScores of AIP workers surfaced in Lal Chowk and started raising slogans against capital punishment and hanging of Yakub Memon.
Talking to media on the side lines of protest march, AIP President Er Rasheed said, “We are against capital punishment as it is not only inhuman but has failed to serve the desired purpose.”
Rasheed said, “Those supporting capital punishment need to answer that has hanging of people anywhere helped in making lives of common citizens safer. Even if their logic and argument is believed to be true, then they need to explain that why only Muslims are being hanged in India and why don’t wheels of justice move when it comes to hanging of those convicted for crimes of same nature but are being spared for being non Muslims.”
“It is not only that killers of Rajiv Ghandi and Beyant Singh are not being hanged but many those wearing uniform and who carried out killings in Kashmir in broad daylight are roaming free and have been awarded with promotions and rewards,” he said, adding, “It would be better for Indian State to introspect and listen to the grievances of deprived and oppressed people of the country so that extremist elements don’t get a reason to take harsh steps.”
“Minorities especially Muslims in India can’t be denied justice by labelling them as radicals and Pakistani agents,” he said.
Rasheed appreciated voices in India who put their weight to seek clemency for Yakub Memon and reminded PDP and NC of their “dirty role” which they played during Afzal Guru’s hanging and “shamelessly failed” to get even dead body of Afzal Guru back to his native place.
He further added the writing on the wall clearly predicts that there are much “darker days” ahead for Indian Muslims and other minorities as Modi government will try to “terrorise minorities” through different ways and means.
Police used force to disperse the mob and as per AIP police arrested its 22 party workers including Er Rasheed and lodged them in Police Station Kothibagh.

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