Clear The Line: SKIMS Reiterates Ban on Private Practice by Doctors, Staff

Clear The Line: SKIMS Reiterates Ban on Private Practice by Doctors, Staff

Patients First: SKIMS Prioritizes Hospital Care with Ban on Private Practice

Srinagar: In a move to uphold ethical standards and ensure undivided service to patients, the Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Soura has once again cracked the whip on its medical and paramedical staff barring them from indulging in private practice.

A strongly-worded circular issued by Director SKIMS, Dr Abid Rashid, has categorically prohibited the institute’s employees from practising privately, invoking legal provisions and the threat of severe penalties.

Quoting the circular, Dr Abid Rashid stated, “By legal statutes and prudent professional standards, it is required that no member of the medical or paramedical staff of SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar engages in private practice, as delineated by the provisions above of the law.”

The circular firmly directs all medical and paramedical personnel at SKIMS to “refrain from engaging in private practice in any form.” It warns that any violation of this directive “shall result in severe penalties under conduct rules and also lead to criminal proceedings under the relevant provisions of the law.”

Citing sub-rule 5(i) of Rule 10 of the Jammu & Kashmir Government Employees Conduct Rules, 1971, the circular states that SKIMS staff indulging in private practice in any manner amounts to misconduct inviting major penalties. Furthermore, sub-rule 5(ii) clarifies that any breach will also render the employee liable for criminal prosecution.

The circular has also urged the general public to report instances of SKIMS staff practicing privately. “The general public is hereby informed that if any member of the Medical or Paramedical staff of SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar…is observed engaging in private practice in any capacity, such instances should be promptly reported to the Competent Authority/Anti-Corruption Bureau/Complaint Cell of SKIMS,” the circular states.

To facilitate reporting, the circular has provided email addresses and telephone numbers where such instances can be brought to notice, enabling the initiation of appropriate legal action against the erring individuals.

Additionally, in compliance with directives from the General Administration Department, J&K, SKIMS has been directed to annually publish the names of its medical and paramedical staff through an executive order, which will also be uploaded on the institute’s official website.

A senior SKIMS official said “This stern reiteration of the private practice ban comes amidst persistent concerns over potential conflicts of interest and the need for SKIMS staff to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct in public service. The institute’s move aims to ensure that its employees remain dedicated to their duties at the tertiary care super-specialty hospital, providing quality healthcare to patients without distractions or competing interests.”

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