Won’t beg Centre for package: CM

Says Delhi must have the sensibility to realise loss incurred by Kashmir in floods

Won’t beg Centre for package - CMChief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed today said he would not go “begging” to the Central government for a flood package.

He said the Centre should have the sensibility to fathom “what the Kashmiri people have gone through during last year’s floods”.

Mufti was addressing a gathering at the inaugural event of the police-sponsored South Kashmir Sports Festival at the Government Boys Degree College here.

“The Government of India, people of India and the Prime Minister of India should have a sense of awareness regarding the quantum of loss and agony of Kashmiri people,” Mufti said, adding that the flood last year was the most devastating one in over a century.

The Chief Minister, however, said he wouldn’t ask for a package from the Centre for the rehabilitation of the flood-ravaged people. “It’s against my natural tendency to ask for something. If anything has to come, it will come, no matter what,” Mufti said. Ever since the government formation, there has been widespread speculation about a “big” relief package announcement for the state. However, the announcement has so far eluded the flood-hit Valley.

Mufti promised the audience that he would not be at peace until every flood-affected person in Kashmir was rehabilitated. “I understand the pain of people, who have lost their houses during floods. My heart will not be at peace until everyone is taken care of,” Mufti said.

The Chief Minister also used the platform to hail the role of the police in Kashmir.

“There have been times when policemen have been made to do things they do not want to venture into, but they have done an excellent job. They perform their duty with utmost sincerity and sensibility,” he said.

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