Lost Your Mobile Phone? Register Complaint on CEIR for Quick Action and Recovery

Lost Your Mobile Phone? Register Complaint on CEIR for Quick Action and Recovery

If a mobile is stolen or lost, the users have to register the complaint on a portal and inform C-Department of Telecommunication through helpline number 14422. Thus, the central government will now help the users to find and block the lost or stolen mobile phone through IMEI verification.

Department of telecommunications, Government of India has launched the new website named Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), allowing users to quickly lodge a complaint on a lost electronic gadget with an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number such as a smartphone at a local police station. Using the CEIR website, users can block a stolen or lost mobile, unblock a found mobile, and they can even use the website to find more details about a second-hand smartphone.

CEIR says the EMEI number would be printed on the phone box. Those buying used phones should check IMEI status by dialling *#06#, wherein IMEI gets displayed on the screen. If the status shows ‘blacklisted,’ such phones should not be bought, CEIR advices.

DOT had launched the portal also to curtail the counterfeit mobile phone market, curb phone theft, protect consumer interest and help law enforcement agencies for lawful interception. CEIR gets connected to the IMEI database of all the mobile phone operators while acting as a Central system for all network operators to share blacklisted mobile devices. This was to ensure a device blacklisted in one network did not work on other networks even if the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) in the device was changed.

Right now, CEIR service is available in all 37 states (including union territories). To report a lost or stolen smartphone, one needs details like the mobile number of the SIM cards installed on the phone, the IMEI number, and a mobile purchase invoice.

Similarly, the user had to file a complaint at your nearest police station as the digital copy of the police complaint is also required to block the phone along with the details of the smartphone owner. When you block a smartphone on CEIR’s website, it will be block -listed on the central database and won’t be able to use it.

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