SKIMS doc demands blanket ban on carcinogenic substances

Director Regional Cancer Centre, Shere-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences and head Department of Radiation Oncology, Dr Maqbool Lone on Tuesday urged people to avoid using carcinogenic disposables made up of thermacol, Styrofoam and plastics.
 “With our experiments we understand such products are not self-biodegradable. To destroy them, users may have to incinerate/burn them which exude toxic fumes and ashes flying out of them are polluting the environment,” Lone said. He said inhalers of such substances are having chances of developing cancer.
He recommended blanket ban on such carcinogenic substances to avoid risks to general public.
In his letter no. SIMS179 (09)2015-1540, he appreciated the efforts of Sathya Prabhu for taking the self-initiative for Kashmiri society. Sathya Prabhu runs a unit producing biodegradable plates of areca leaf to provide local vendors replacement to save the environment.

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