‘Right to self-determination only way to settle Kashmir’

'Right to self-determination only way to settle Kashmir’Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League (JKPFL) has said that granting of right to self-determination to the Kashmiri people is the only solution to the Kashmir dispute.

The JKPFL spokesman, Imtiyaz Ahmed Shah, in a statement issued in Srinagar said that all other so-called formulas like self-rule and internal autonomy were unacceptable to the Kashmiris. He said that these so-called formulas had been designed by Indian agencies to divert the attention of Kashmiri people and to dilute the legitimate right to self-determination for which they the Kashmiris had rendered great sacrifices.

Imtiyaz Ahmed Shah said that it was unfortunate that pro-India Kashmiri politicians were betraying their own people just for their personal gains. He said that the Hurriyet organisations were the real representatives of Kashmir and their role was acknowledged by world.

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