Old Srinagar city areas becoming hub of immoral activities

Old Srinagar city areas have allegedly became hub of illegal activities, like puffing charas, drugs, gambling, and drinking, while as locals find it inconvenient and embarrassing to walk through streets and lanes because of the behaviour of the social renegades and miscreants.

Old Srinagar city areas becoming hub of immoral activitiesA delegation comprising residents from different localities of old Srinagar city told CNS that the public places, grave yards and open spaces in areas like Nawab Bazar, Syed Hamidpora, Dalal Mohalla, Chamardori, Zainakadal, Ishan Sahab, Dabtal, Aalikadal, Jamalata, Wazapora have become a hub of immoral activities and they have been watching this for last several months.

“The immoral activities were continuing in these parks, but nobody dares to raise the voice against the concerned authorities and social renegades. The miscreants openly take wine in the graveyard behind the Masjid Alnoor near Ganzkhud Srinagar. Whenever anybody confront these debauches, they abuse and humiliate him. The females folks feel unsafe to venture out from their houses,” said Mukhtyar Ahmed.

“These areas have become a den of immoral activities with people puffing cannabis there during day-time and consuming liquor in the evenings,” they said. Amid police inaction against the miscreants indulging in daylight waywardness the old city residents urged the state government to “sensitize the police about the deteriorating situation before it gets out of hands. (CNS)

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