BJP needs to change its ideology on Kashmir: Hari Om Gupta

Terming the agenda of alliance of BJP-PDP government in J&K as a “document of disintegration” of Kashmir from India, a BJP leader today said the party is bound to face the fate of Congress in the country if it did not change its present ideology on Kashmir.

BJP needs to change its ideology on Kashmir - Hari Om Gupta“If BJP does not change its ideology on Kashmir, it will face same fate that of Congress and they (BJP) will see BJP-Mukht Bharat,” Hari Om Gupta said while addressing a seminar here today.

Gupta, who has been in BJP for the past 26 years as a senior leader and an RSS ideologue, was highly critical of certain acts of the present dispensation in his address.

Calling the Agenda of Alliance as an “agenda of capitulation”, he called upon the Central leadership to withdraw the document and “renegotiate” the terms of alliance with PDP.

“Agenda for alliance document of BJP-PDP government is a document of disintegration of Kashmir from India,” he said.

As per their present ideology, they have agreed status quo of the special status (Article 370) of J&K, taking KPs to the Valley and absorbing them as Kashmir milieu, agreeing to third part intervention that J&K government will facilitate talks between India and Pakistan and encouraging separatists and militant elements, Gupta said.

“This renegotiation should have the central focus on nation building paradigm and to redeem the Kashmir valley from the grip of radicalism and anti-India propagandists,” he said.

He emphasized that “it is needless to mention that almost all the separatists and terrorist, including the so-called moderate separatist elements like Hurriyat Conference, belong to the school of Islamism”.

“They have nothing to do with secular values and lndianness. This is the encouragement to such elements which is leading to more radicalisation,” Gupta said.

While citing yesterday’s Resolution of the PM package employees in Budgam, the BJP leader demanded that the state government should recall them to Jammu, till the government creates such conditions in the Valley that would encourage the displaced Hindus to return to their Homeland under a new geo-political dispensation of Panun Kashmir.

Gupta also stressed that the time has come for a political reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir into three separate units – statehoods for Jammu and Kashmir, UT for Ladakh and another UT in Kashmir Valley for rehabilitating the displaced Hindus.

Former Jammu Bar Association (JBA) President, B S Salathia said the type of situation existing in the Valley speaks volumes about the control of radical communal elements on the society.

“If Kashmiri Pandits are taken back in this type of environment, it will be like handing them over for conversion,” he said.

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