Govt shifts law officer for ‘failing to defend’ govt on Beef Ban case

The government Monday shifted Advocate Additional General Vishal Sharma from Home department to education department for failing to defend government in the court in the controversial beef ban case.
Sharma has been replaced by Advocate Wasim Nargal, appointed as AAG by Law Department.  Nargal will be defending government in the court in cases related to Home and Revenue departments, said government sources.
Govt shifts law officer for 'failing to defend' govtSources said Law Department has taken strong note of AAG Vishal Sharma’s “total failure” in defending government’s position in the High Court during the hearing on a petition seeking ban on sale and consumption of beef in the state.
The court ruled in petitioner’s favour and ordered complete ban on sale and consumption of beef in the state. Interestingly, the petitioner advocate Parimoksh Seth holds deputy advocate general’s post in state’s law department.  The ban has evoked strong resentment in Valley with people terming the decree as a direct interference in their religious matters.
“He (Sharma) could not defend the case. He also didn’t inform Divisional Commissioner Kashmir on time about court’s direction regarding the case. He has not even informed his seniors about the case,” said government sources, adding that had he informed the government in time the case may have been handled differently.
Sources said it was because of AAG Sharma’s “incapability or unwillingness” to show promptness in informing government in time that he was shifted from home department to “less sensitive” education department.
AAG Vishal Sharma is son of Vishva Hindu Parishd’s state president Advocate Leela Karan Sharma, who led the two-month agitation over Amarnath land row as Convenor of Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti in 2008.
Meanwhile, advocate Parimoksh Seth, who is DDG in law department, has not withdrawn his name from the petition which led court order ban on beef sale and consumption in the state.
Sources said Advocate Seth was to withdraw his name from the petition today but “he has informed law department that he will follow BJP high command’s orders in this regard.”
BJP’s in-charge for Jammu and Kashmir, Avinash Rai Khanna, meanwhile, held a meeting with party functionaries and ministers in Jammu to discuss the issue regarding court order on beef ban. (KNS)

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