Stray dogs on prowl, authorities in slumber

With authorities failing to curb the ever-growing population of stray dogs, the canines pose serious threat to people in the summer capital.
Stray dogs on prowl, authorities in slumberPeople are up in arms against the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) for sitting over sterilization of the stray dogs—which has over the years resulted in manifold increase in population of the canines.
Presence of scores of dogs in various habitations including Khanyar, Nowpora, Batwara, Shivpora, Habba Kadal, Rambagh and Solina has hampered smooth movement of people. The problem is severe in city-centre Lal Chowk and its adjoining areas where dozens of stray dogs are present on roads.
“Besides being a public nuisance, the presence of stray dogs in Lal Chowk gives bad impression to tourists. Authorities have failed to check the problem of stray dogs,” said a group of shopkeepers at Lal Chowk.
Residents of Badu Bagh, Khanyar alleged that the stray dogs outnumber human population in the area.  “The problem has assumed horrendous dimensions. Due to presence of hundreds of stray dogs, we cannot even venture out of our homes, particularly during evenings and mornings,” they said.
“Two persons were bitten by stray dogs in our locality few days ago,” said the residents of Rambagh. The stray dogs are mostly present near garbage dumps and food outlets.
“Stray dogs have spread terror in our locality. Our children fear to move out even during day. The dumper bins placed outside DAV school by SMC have turned out to be a breeding ground for dogs. We appeal the SMC officials to take measures for checking the canine population in the area,” said a group of inhabitants of Jawahar Nagar.
Commissioner SMC Tufail Matoo said efforts are on to check population of the canines. “We have taken up the matter with SKUAST-k and modalities are being worked out to streamline the sterilization process,” Matoo said.

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