Misuse of ‘fast track’s building permissions goes unchecked

While taking undue advantage of the flood “fast track” building permission for flood victims, many gross violations have come to the fore in Chanapora, Madina Bagh.
Misuse of 'fast track's building permissions goes uncheckedAccording to documents in possession with us, reveal that one Yaqoob Wagay had one storey house prior to flood but he obtained building permission for two storey constructions as he claimed to be lawful owner of a two storey residential house with attic which got submerged in water during flood.
In his application to the SMC commissioner seeking permission for re-construction of residential house, Yaqoob writes, “I will not deviate from the original structure.”
The affidavit filed on 29 December 2014, again emphasizes on the undertaking of not deviating original structure.
However the First Information Report (FIR) vide number 04/Flood/14/CHP with us prepared by police Division Chanapora on 23 October 2014 reads, “During recent floods the residential house, single, concrete, belonging to Muhammad Yaqoob Wagay, S/O Ab Gani Wagay, R/O H.No.53 Sector 2nd, Madina Bagh, Chanapora has partially damaged.”
Then the cheque, issued by State’s Revenue Department on 23 November 2014 provided assistance of only Rs 3800.
The plan prepared by draughtsman, shows single story, seeking permission for double story.
“Flood damaged two story attic residential house as at mark ‘A’ instead of existing single storey house.”
Even the violation report card prepared by ward officer number 31 says that the construction of first floor was during night hours with the help of huge manpower and on war footing basis.
Finally the applicant gets permission number 1474 on 2 February 2015 issues by SMC joint commissioner.
The two residents of Chanapora, Majid Bhat and Bashir Ahmad had filed a complaint with SMC to seek the violation rules into the structure.
“We have captured pictures of the single story building before floods,” they said the “His building violation has clear effects of our privacy, light and ventilation of the neighboring structures.”
On 6 June 2015, Divisional town planner SMC writes an abeyance order number 362 stating that the permission is kept in abeyance till further orders.
The complainants Majid and Bashir allege that SMC is dilly dallying its demolition even after Minister of Housing wrote to Joint Commissioner planning two months back.
They accused SMC officials including senior officials like Chief Enforcement Officer SMC, Manzoor Ahmad Turray of demanding bribe from the complainants.
 “There is one officer, Manzoor, who is trying to evade the issue unless we pay money,” alleged the duo.
Manzoor Turray, Chief Enforcement Officer SMC denied such allegations and said: “Yes it is true that Yaqoob has violated the terms but we first need to deliberate with our legal cell before demolishing as we don’t want tomorrow there is any contempt against us.”
Talking to Commissioner, SMC, Tufail Mattoo, said: “I can only demolish what was beyond for which the permission wasn’t granted. My planning department gave him right to construct till a point. This is one version; I don’t know the version of the other party. Now there is court stay and the matter is sub-judice.”

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