Kashmir Public Transport Grinds to Halt for 48 Hours as Strike Begins Tomorrow

Kashmir Public Transport Grinds to Halt for 48 Hours as Strike Begins Tomorrow

Kashmir Valley Braces for Two-Day Transport Pause: Passenger Vehicles Join Nationwide ‘Steering Chodo Andolan’

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir: Brace yourselves, Kashmir travellers! All passenger vehicles in the valley will be taking a two-day break from January 9th to 10th, participating in a nationwide protest called the ‘Steering Chodo Andolan’. This decision by the All Kashmir Transporters’ Confederation (AKTC) comes in solidarity with similar strikes planned by transporters across Maharashtra, New Delhi, and several other Indian states.

Mohammad Shafi Mir, Chairman of the AKTC, confirmed the planned strike to news agency GNS. He stated, “All types of passenger vehicles, including buses, taxis, and autos, will observe the ‘Steering Chodo Andolan’ on these two days.” This means commuters within the valley can expect minimal to no public transport options during this period.

It’s important to note that this particular action is separate from any potential strike by the All JK Oil Tankers Association. In a recent video statement, the association clarified that they haven’t called for any strike at this time.

So, what’s behind this nationwide ‘Steering Chodo Andolan’? Transporters across India are united in their demand for the government to roll back recently introduced penal provisions related to hit-and-run cases. They feel these provisions are overly harsh and unfair, placing an undue burden on the transportation sector.

This two-day transport pause in Kashmir is bound to disrupt routine commutes and potentially impact tourist movement within the valley. Travellers are advised to plan their trips accordingly and explore alternative transportation options like carpooling or ride-sharing apps during this period.

Remember, while the immediate reason for the strike is the hit-and-run provisions, it also highlights the broader anxieties and challenges faced by India’s transport sector. This nationwide pause serves as a powerful message to the government, urging them to address the concerns of a vital sector that keeps the wheels of the economy turning.

Stay tuned for further updates and developments regarding the ‘Steering Chodo Andolan’ and its impact on Kashmir’s transportation landscape.

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