Amid worsening electricity crisis, electricity department seeks police action on ‘Online Abuse’

Amid worsening electricity crisis, electricity department seeks police action on ‘Online Abuse’

Amid the ongoing electricity crisis in the Kashmir valley, the electricity department of the region has sought Police action against users showing their frustration against the department online.

Kashmir Power Development Corporation Limited (KPDCL) in a tweet tagged the cyber police of Jammu Kashmir after posting a few screenshots of hateful comments against the department and asked the Police to initiate action against the users.

In a tweet, the department, tagged the Police and it’s cyber wing stating, “Pl take note of these abusive X handles using vituperative language against #KPDCL. Trace their ISPs/ IDs and initiate action.”

The Cyber wing of Police taking a notice of the tweet said that it had taken cognizance of the matter. “Action under law is being initiated,” read the tweet.

Pertinently, Kashmir valley is undergoing massive electricity crisis with frequent cuts and minimal voltage in many areas.

The valley continues to grapple with persistent power disruptions, sparking public outcry and widespread demonstrations. Political parties have also taken to the streets in protest.

Despite promises from authorities, the situation has worsened, leading the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) to express deep concern.

KCCI chairman Javid Tenga emphasized the urgent need for immediate action, as the ongoing crisis is severely impacting multiple sectors such as industry, tourism, healthcare, and causing great hardship to vulnerable groups.

Electricity production in Kashmir has plummeted to a record low of 50-100 MW, far below the demand of 1800 MW.

Consequently, the region, housing over 7 million people, faces power cuts lasting 12-16 hours, the longest in two decades, worsened by temperatures dropping below freezing.

Maintaining a 16-hour supply requires 1800 MW, and for uninterrupted power, 2200 to 2300 MW is necessary.

The Power Development Department’s current production of 50-100 MW contrasts sharply with the past capacity of 200-250 MW, prompting previous administrations to buy power from the Northern Grid and reduce power cuts to 4-6 hours.

KPDCL has intensified night patrols to tackle unauthorized power usage, collecting Rs.29.89 crore in the last 4 days to combat “energy theft” and transformer damage.

Over 1153 inspections across 6 circles added 228 KW load.

A penalty of Rs.7.81 lakh was imposed, 1117 connections were disconnected, and 62 transformers were reported damaged, increasing strain on repair timelines.

KPDCL urged consumers to clear pending bills to avoid disconnection, the department said.,

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