India will give a strong response if Pakistan does not stop harming Kashmir: Ravinder Raina

India will give a strong response if Pakistan does not stop harming Kashmir: Ravinder Raina

Ravinder Raina, President, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), J&K said that if Pakistan does not shun wounding Kashmir onwards, India has no option left except to respond heavily while penetrating in their territory.

“Whenever Kashmiris start to live a peaceful and untroubled life and continue their affairs brotherly with each other, Pakistan intervenes with violent activities like Anantnag and Rajouri encounters. Pakistan wants to turn Kashmir into a graveyard. It has paid a heavy price in the past for such actions, and if the neighboring country will not mend its behavior and stop sending terrorists in Kashmir, India will otherwise respond heavily in the coming days,”, said Ravinder Raina after visiting the residence of DySP Humayun Muzamil Bhat in Humhama, who along with other two Army officer laid down his life in Anantnag encounter.

Raina said few elements in Kashmir Valley don’t want peace to continue and it is why they are playing bloody games to inflict terror in the minds of people. “DySP Humayun Bhat and other Army officers laid down their lives for the integrity of India. Those who committed this sin and killed our Bravehearts will be responded to heavily,” he said.

Replying to a query, the BJP J&K President said “I’m not here to give a political statement as today I visited here with an aim to offer my condolences with the family of DySP Humayun Bhat. India always initiated dialogue with Pakistan, but they always reciprocated with violence. Will Dr. Farooq Abdullah give us a guarantee that Pakistan will stop terrorism once India comes to the table. The former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee reached Pakistan through bus. He also called the Pak President to Agra for talks. However, the neighboring country responded with Kargil attack, Parliament attack etc. Dr. Farooq Abdullah should come clean on these actions and killers,” Raina said.

Paying homage to DySP Muzamil Humayun and other Army officers, Raina said, “I salute to these Bravehearts who fought with bravery and courage against terrorists. Nation stands with them and their families,” he added.

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