Pakistan Supreme Court orders immediate release of Imran Khan, declares arrest Illegal

Supreme Court declares arrest of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan Illegal

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan’s arrest has been declared “illegal” by the country’s top court, paving the way for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief’s immediate release. The court order came shortly after Khan was presented in court. He was brought in a convoy of 15 vehicles amid strict security, according to Pakistan’s Geo TV. Khan told the court that he was “abducted” from the Islamabad high court premises and was beaten by sticks. The three-member bench, comprising Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and…

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Scientific exploration of world’s finest sapphire in Paddar likely to commence in June

Scientific exploration of world's finest sapphire in Paddar likely to commence in June

The mining department of Jammu and Kashmir has finalised a strategy for detailed and scientific exploration of world-famous sapphire from the mines of Paddar in Kishtwar district. On Tuesday, mining secretary Amit Sharma chaired a high-level meeting wherein a pointed strategy was finalised for conduct of detailed exploration study of the sapphire in Paddar area. Apart from experts of the mining department, Geology and Mining director OP Bhagat, mining additional secretary Arun Kishore Kotwal, Geological Survey of India (GSI) J&K director Ajay Kumar, Mineral Exploration and Consultancy Limited (MECL) general…

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Rising Incidents of Stabbings, Suicides, and Gang Violence in Kashmir

Rise in Stabbings, Suicides, and Gang Violence in Kashmir

By: Javid Amin The beautiful valley of Kashmir, known for its stunning landscapes and hospitality, has been witnessing a disturbing trend in recent years. The rise in stabbings, suicides, and gang violence in the region is alarming and demands immediate attention. The reasons behind this trend are complex and multi-faceted. Kashmir has been plagued by political instability, ongoing conflict, and social and economic disparities for decades. The younger generation, in particular, has grown up in a state of constant fear and uncertainty, with limited access to quality education and job…

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