Chaudhary Lal Singh leaves DGP red faced, blames Police for drug addiction

Minister for Health and Medical Education, ARI and Trainings, Chaudhary Lal Singh Tuesday left Director General of Police (DGP), K Rajendra Kumar red faced when he blamed police for being complicit in curbing the drug addiction menace.

Chaudhary Lal Singh leaves DGP red facedSpeaking on the resolution of drug menace moved by PDP legislator, Javaid Beigh in the Legislative Assembly today, the Health Minister said police was responsible for drug addiction in the State and did not try to find out the source of the drugs.
“Instead of arresting the youth who fall victims to drug addiction, police should track down the source of drugs, which it has failed to do miserably,” he said as the DGP watched the proceedings of the House from the gallery.
“What favour will the DGP do to me? If he can save my children from this menace of drug addiction that would be a big deal,” he said as the DGP watched in wonderment.
Singh said he knew how much SHOs were paying for getting transferred to Lakhanpur from where drugs get entered into the State from Punjab and adjoining states.
The Health minister said two students in Kathua had died recently after getting narcotic shots.
He said blaming the problem of unemployment for drug addiction was not right as the drug addicts were spending Rs 2000 per every narcotic shot.
Singh said these youth were also getting involved in thefts at home and outside for arranging money to acquire drugs.
The Health minister said every fourth child in Jammu Kashmir is a drug addict.
He said the blame for drug addiction in Kashmir was the source not the consumer.
Referring to Chief Minister, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, Singh said, “My department is under you, but please take care of your own department (Home).”
The Health minister promised to open rehabilitation centers for the drug addicts in every district of the State and conduct random tests of students studying in schools to detect whether they were taking drugs.

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