Doctors’ body warns of swine flu in Valley

The doctors’ body in Kashmir today warned of spread of H1N1 virus in the Valley and pitched for setting up of separate flu prevention clinics in all public hospitals.

Doctors’ body warns of swine flu in ValleyThe Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK), the doctors’ body in the Valley, today warned about the spread of swine flu in Kashmir.

It said there was a need to set up flu clinics in hospitals which would help in control and prevention of spread of H1N1 infection. “Separate flu clinics will reduce the likelihood of spreading H1N1 infection and prevent loss of human lives,” said DAK president, Dr Nissar Ul Hassan.

The doctor said the segregation of flu patients in hospitals would protect other patients vulnerable to flu-related complications and severe outcomes from contracting H1N1 virus.

“Hospitals have influx of high-risk patients like COPD, diabetes and cancer for whom H1N1 can prove fatal. The mingling of flu patients with them is unethical,” he said. He added that it was because of lack of separate flu clinics during previous outbreak that resulted in the spread of disease and loss of lives in Kashmir.

The doctors’ body hit out at the health authorities for failing to take steps in advance. It said the health authorities were clueless about flu activity and pattern of disease as the Valley lacked H1N1 testing facility.

“There are no logistics and no awareness programmes among the masses which are vital for prevention of the disease,” Dr Hassan said. Last year, the outbreak of H1N1 took nearly two dozen lives in Kashmir and 500 people tested positive across the region.

“The health authorities have failed to learn lessons from the previous outbreak which led to loss of lives. The indifference gives the impression that there is no value of human life in Kashmir,” he said.

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