Aryans jeopardizing career of JK students

Admitting them in colleges not recognized by UGC

The students who have enrolled their forms in different courses via Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh are running a risk of jeopardizing their career.
The group got affiliated with the university which is not recognized under the University Grant Commission (UGC).
Aryans jeopardizing career of JK studentsAryans Group of College, Chandigarh, which has received a lot of media hype during the past two years in the Valley, attracted many Kashmiri students to enroll in various technical courses through the group.
he college was previously affiliated with Punjab Technical University (PTU), which was recognized under the UGC and thereby the certificates were valid across India and in Jammu and Kashmir too.
owever, the Aryans Group is currently affiliated with the newly opened university, which is still not recognized under the UGC thus leaving the career of the students at stake.
Nadeem (name changed), a Kashmiri student pursuing B.Tech via Aryans Group of Colleges said the group was affiliated with the recognized university but it suddenly changed its affiliation for unknown reasons with the university that is not recognized so far.
“The affiliation with the university, which is still not recognized, can ruin our educational career. Almost 100 Kashmiri students are pursuing different courses. The group by taking such a kind of initiative has ignored our plight,” he said.
Nadeem said the college authorities should have informed them before joining hands with other university but without caring about their educational career, the authorities seemed to push them to the wall.
“There is no other option left for us than resuming classes. We are pinning hope on the group that the initiative they have taken will become beneficial for Kashmiri students but right now it seems worthless,” another student of B.Tech Numan (name changed) told over phone.
The officials in the Aryans Group said the decision to affiliate with other university was taken by the Punjab government.
“A large number of students are pursuing different courses via this group for which, the state government has taken initiative to reduce the burden on a single university as after having a large number of students from different states, it was too hectic for the university officials to deal with certain things,” the official said.
However, Kashmiri students said there was no other alternative for them than joining classes.
“Exams are approaching and we are yet to complete syllabus and for the same cause we have resumed our classes,” Numan said.

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