‘People’s University’ IGNOU ‘cheats’ masses in Kashmir

Admissions in Jan, classes yet to begin
‘People’s University’ IGNOU ‘cheats’ masses in KashmirIf you want to pursue diploma in creative writing in English through IGNOU, then here is an eye-opener for you.
With a dream of learning creative writing, Suhail (name changed) admitted for the diploma in January 2015 in regional centre, Srinagar. He was informed that the regular Sunday classes shall begin from March after he receives his all study material.
Suhail went to IGNOU in February to gather study material and enquire about classes.
 “I was shocked first I have to wait another two months for some books as they have damaged in flood,” recalls Suhail.
On 1st March, He went to his study centre with a lot of enthusiasm which is in Amar Singh College and enquired about his classes. Fortunately, he met his course in-charge and took her contact number just to confirm on next Sunday whether there would be any classes or not.
On next Sunday, he calls her course counselor and gets to know there was no class. “This process of enquiring from his course counselor has been going on till now,” Suhail says.
Suhail says that now he doesn’t want to learn creative writing but is interested only in qualifying the diploma which presently seems a herculean task. “You can imagine, there has not been a single class.”
Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCE) is a one year diploma and has a very compulsory component of “guided project work” for 4 credits.
 “When there have been no classes, how can I know what project I have to submit. We are left with 4 weeks only for submitting,” complains Suhail.
Irshad Ahmad, in-charge of the study centre said: “Once we receive students list from the regional centre, we will start classes.”
Another candidate, Syed Kabir, alleged it was pathetic to see how IGNOU authorities treat students here.
“First there are no classes at a proper time and then if it happens, there are no arrangements within the classes. During winters there some of students got sick because of the mismanagement and left the course,” he said. “Actually the so called people’s university is cheating masses in Kashmir.”
Talking to us, Dr Noor-ul-Hasan, Regional Director IGNOU was surprised to know about the issue and said: “I will check it out on Monday.”

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