Militant attack rumour triggers panic in Jammu

A hoax call on Tuesday about spotting of militants triggered panic and fear as it kept the Army and Police on their toes due to search operation.

Militant attack rumour triggers panic in Jammu“An government employee gave a call to police about the spotting of militants in Janipur belt”, a senior police officer said.

As the police got a call, it alert Army and Police and cordoned-off entire Janipur belt in Jammu city and evacuated students from three schools in the area, he said.

Several panic-stricken schools in Jammu called parents to collect their children while parents rushed to collect their children after a rumour spread about militant attack spread.

The rumours spread in entire Jammu through social media triggering panic and fear among residents.

Police and Army conducted search operation and found nothing, he said.

Police used all mediums to reach out to Jammu people that it was rumour and there was no militant attack or militant presence in Janipur area.

“The person who made hoax call is absconding. We will slap case against him and initiate action against him”, officer said.


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