Hurling grenades at Masjid handiwork of Indian Agencies: Hizb

Militant outfit Hizbul Mujhadeen Thursday blamed Indian Security Agencies for the blast that occurred in the courtyard of a Masjid in South Kashmir’s Shopian district.

Hurling grenades at Masjid handiwork of Indian Agencies - HizbIn a statement to CNS, Hizb spokesperson Salim Hashmi quoting United Jihad Council Chief Syed Salahuddin said that due to surge in attacks on Indian Security Forces, the Security Agencies have been feeling heat and out of sheer frustration these agencies have been targeting innocent and hapless people in Kashmir.

“The grenade blast that happened in the premises of Masjid is the handiwork of Indian agencies. These Agencies are also responsible for hurling the grenade over the house of Abdul Rashid Mala. We condemn such acts and pray for the recuperation of the injured,” the statement reads. (CNS)

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