Devise a plan to counter RSS backed BJP policies, Aasiya to Hurriyat

While reacting over the creation of proposed Sainik colony in Kashmir, Dukhtaran-e-Millat president Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi has said that India is busy playing dangerous games in Jammu Kashmir and the fresh plans of RSS are in continuance of that. She said that these are all tactics of changing the demography of the ‘occupied’ state.

Devise a plan to counter RSS backed BJP policies, Aasiya to HurriyatIn a statement to CNS, Dukhtaran-e-Millat president cautioned that any such move will have to see a tough resistance from the people who are in no case ready to allow Hinduta forces succeed in their ill intentioned designs.

She said, “India knows it for sure that she has to shun the arrogance and allow a plebiscite in the state sooner or later and this too is a known fact that once the plebiscite is done India has to leave. This is the reason that India is trying hard to change the demography of the state in its favor”. She said that since BJP has come into power in the state all the Hindutu forces have intensified their efforts which include the plans of settling the refugees and suggesting a settlement of army personal in the state. “Besides plans of changing demography of the state the suggestion of settling of army personnel could be with the intention of spreading RSS and VHP goons to do killings and other wickedness all over the state” she said and cautioned the so called rulers against the approval of such moves. “Though the so called rulers have surrendered everything for lust of power however they should bear it in mind that it will be difficult for them to find a safe place for their graves if they actually got the army personal and the refugees settled in the state” Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi said and added that the people of state have sacrificed a lot for the freedom of state and will never allow any move against the movement even on the cost of their precious lives. She asked the leadership to devise an impressive strategy to foil the ill designs of RSS backed, so called, government.

Commenting over her booking for celebrating the Pakistan Independence Day she said that India and its local agents are doing all this to buy the time to befool Indians otherwise it is a known fact that India has to shun the arrogance and allow the solution of Kashmir issue. She said that Jammu Kashmir is a disputed land and hoisting Pakistan flag on this unsettled land is no crime for which she or anybody else can be booked. “As far as law goes hoisting Pakistan flag in Jammu Kashmir is not a crime, because this is not part of India but a disputed area. Even UN, the highest body of so called civilized world, stands witness to the promise made by India itself that Kashmiri’s will be given a choice between India and Pakistan, so how does it become a crime if we express our desire of choosing Pakistan” she said and added “however we live in the darkness of lawlessness where people are even killed by the state actors and no action being taken, we have been seeing people being framed in false cases and the trend continues.

Dukhtaran e Millat president further said “we have been booked in false cases earlier also but the fact, that Jammu Kashmir is a dispute and needs to be solved according to the UN resolutions, remain unchanged. She said that instead of “satisfying the collective conscience” of its people by hanging, murdering and booking Kashmiri’s India should gather the courage of telling the truth about Kashmir to its masses and get ready to solve the problem once for all. “Otherwise they will get fatigued by booking and murdering Kashmiri’s but cannot make us stop from the legitimate fight for our freedom “she said.

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