BJP has not given up its stand on Article 370: Nirmal Singh

Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh has said that entering into an alliance with PDP does not mean that BJP has given up its stand on Article 370.
BJP has not given up its stand on Article 370 - Nirmal SinghHe also said the RSS was doing its work in Kashmir since 1940 and that the alarm raised by separatists on the issue was only to whip up communal passions in the state.
“In the coalition our guiding book is the Agenda of Alliance. BJP has not given up agenda (on Article 370). Same is the case with PDP, they too have not given up their agenda,” a local news agency KNS quoted Singh as having said.
 In response to a question he added: “RSS is doing its work in Kashmir since 1940. Why RSS’s presence in Kashmir has now become an issue with Geelani. Because he lacks issues and always plays a communal card,” he said.
The deputy chief minister, meanwhile, warned the Hindu rightwing communal forces saying that appropriate action would be taken against VHP, Bajrang Dal and others if found involved in vitiating atmosphere of communal harmony. “Appropriate action would be taken against those found involved in provoking people; no matter which community they belong to,” he said
Singh also lashed out at Pakistan for trying to destabilise the PDP-BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir. “I think, coming together of PDP and BJP has not gone down well with those forces who don’t want J&K flourish and peace return here. And Pakistan is no exception. And you have seen attempts are being made to push in infiltrators, and there is firing on the LoC and on the international border. Everything is being done by Pakistan to destabilize government in J&K. And when I am saying this I am not saying this in air. There are evidences,” he added.
Stating that the financial package for Jammu and Kashmir would be announced very soon by the centre, Singh said the Rs 44000 crore proposal submitted by the previous government was merely a political statement and no home work was done.
“Now, as per our information, a liberal financial package, more than that projected by the previous government, will be given to the people of Jammu and Kashmir for the overall benefit of the state and as per the requirement of the flood victims,” he said.
The deputy chief minister accused the previous government of corruption and said every past minister was a scamster. Singh added that their government inherited a complete mess created by the NC-Congress coalition government.
“I don’t find any minister in the previous government who was not involved in any scandal or a scam. So that is legacy we have got and we are trying to correct that first,” he said.
Singh, who is also BJP’s national executive member, said the talks with separatists will happen at an appropriate time on the on the same lines as during former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vjpayee’s time.
“But our immediate priority is the governance and development and to do something for the 70 per cent people who voted to see their issues getting resolved. Political issues too are important,” he added. KNS

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