Mufti has no mandate to issue fatwa on Kashmir’s future: Geelani

Terming the statement of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed that ‘future of Kashmir lies with India’ as lie and deception, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani Friday said it is totally contrary to the situation, events, ground realities and history of Kashmir and is very far from the truth.
Mufti has no mandate to issue fatwa on Kashmir’s future - GeelaniHe said Jammu & Kashmir is the most militarized region of the world and these forces are controlling this land against the wishes of its people.
Geelani who is continuously under house detention from last five months and was once again stopped from offering the Friday congregational prayers today. In a statement he expressed strong reaction over the statement of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and said, “Few pro-India politicians like Mufti can’t hold the entire Kashmiri nation hostage for their chairs. The majority of Jammu & Kashmir has neither accepted control of India in the past and nor will they do this blunder in the future.”
Geelani said Mufti can gather benefits for his children but the future of the Kashmiri nation is in ‘no way secure under India’s control of Kashmir.’ “It has has only given deaths, miseries and destruction to Kashmiris which resulted in political uncertainty, instability and disorder in this entire region,” Geelani said adding Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and other people of his tribe have got no mandate to issue ‘Fatwas’ (diktats) about the future of Kashmir.

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