Mountaineers scale White Needle at 6600 mtrs

Mountaineers scale White Needle at 6600 mtrsThe mountaineering expedition which was flagged off by the Secretary Tourism Farooq Ahmad Shah on September 17, 2015 has scaled the White Needle peak 6600 mtrs in the Nun Kun area on October 2, 2015. Seven members of the expedition team reached on top of White Needle a mid bad weather.
The expedition has been organized on the directions of Chief Minister of J K State. The expedition was jointly organized by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation New Delhi and Department of Tourism.
The expedition party reached Srinagar on October 6, who were received by Senior officer of the Department.
Among others, the President of J&K Mountaineering & Hiking Club  Mahmood Ahmad Shah was also present.
 Two local Mountaineers Mr. Sajad Hussain and Mohd Ibrahim besides a woman climber Ms. Shanti from Sikkim were among the summiteers. The expedition was led by Mr. Tarun  Saikair.
Farooq Shah conveyed congratulations to the team members and wished to see them back to climb more mountain peaks in the valley.
The summiteers  Tarun Saikiar as leader, Sajad Hussain , Parveen Rangar , Sarvan Kumar , Shanti, Lal Ruatkima, Mohd Ibrahim (local).


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