1879 children go missing in JK in last 5 years

138 abducted in 2014 

1879 children went missing in last five years in J&K at an average of more than one child went missing per day, reveals data from National Crime Records Bureau.
1879 children go missing in JK in last 5 yearsIn last year 2014 alone, 490 children went missing out of which only 235 were traced back by law enforcement agencies while 255 remained untraced.
Data says, 138 were kidnapped and abducted in 2014.
Those traced included 126 male children and 109 female children while those untraced included 103 male and 152 female.
For the same year only 139 cases were registered out of which only 49 cases were chargesheeted by police while cases conviction rate remained nil. A total of 122 persons were arrested out of which 68 were charge sheeted and conviction of persons remained zero.
The most shocking is the conviction rate which freezes at zero, showing lackadaisical approach of the police.
For the year 2013, a total of 431 children went missing across Jammu and Kashmir out of which 237 were traced by law enforcement agencies while 194 remained untraced. Those traced by police included 118 male children and 119 female and those who were remained untraced included 84 male and 110 female.
Despite the fact that a huge number of children went missing in year 2013 but only 26 cases were registered and only 18 cases were charge sheeted and conviction rate was zero. A total of 40 persons were arrested and charge sheeted by police but again conviction rate was zero, which also inkling towards faulty investigation by police.
Moreover, for the year 2012, a total of 461 children went missing out of which 197 were traced while 264 remained untraced. “The untraced children included 129 male and 135 female while those traced were 110 male and 87 female,” the data revealed.
Likewise, in 2011, 441 children including 198 males and 243 female went missing and 101 including 43 male and 58 females were never found.
Though the ongoing year, 2015, showed some improvement in working of police and only 56 children went missing in the first seven months out of which 29 were traced while 27 remained untraced. Those traced included 18 male and 11 female, while untraced included 8 male and 10 female.
Pertinently the union Ministry had previously structured an advisory to all states for containing the crime against children which contained 11 sub-clauses.
The sub-clause three reads, “Set up exclusive ‘Crime against Women/Children’ desks in each police station. There should be no delay, whatsoever, in registration of FIRs in all cases of crime against children. All out efforts should be made to apprehend all the accused named in the FIR immediately so as to generate confidence in the victims and their family members. The administration and police should play a more proactive role in detection and investigation of crime against children and also ensuring that there is no under reporting”,
But reportedly, there is no such initiative where an exclusive desk has been created to handle crime against children/women.
The sub-clause four of advisory reads: “Cases of crime against children should be thoroughly investigated and charge sheets against the accused persons should be filed within three months from the date of occurrence without compromising on the quality of investigation. Proper supervision of such cases should be ensured from recording of FIR to the disposal of the case. Speedy investigation should be conducted in heinous crimes like rape, murder etc. The medical examination of rape victims should be conducted without delay”.
Though it directs to chargesheet within 90 days, but the number of convictions as stated earlier exposes the state police.
The sub-clause seven reads, “For improving general awareness about legislations relating to crime against children and mechanisms in place for safety and protection of the children, the following steps may be considered: a. Creating awareness through print and electronic media; b. involving the community at large in creating and spreading such awareness. c. Exploring the possibility of associating NGOs working in the area of combating crime against children and other vulnerable sections of the society. d. Developing a community monitoring system to check cases of violence, abuse and exploitation against children and take necessary steps to curb the same.”
The NCRB data further reveals, 3 murders, 10 unnatural offences and 37 rapes were also committed against children in last year 2014 in J&K.

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