Police acting tough against traffic violators

Continuing its efforts to reduce road accidents and to ensure that people drive safely, police in its drives against the traffic violators, challaned 565 vehicles and recovered a fine of Rs 32330 in different districts across the valley.

Police acting tough against traffic violatorsThe fine was imposed against 120 persons who were found not wearing crash helmets, 7 persons carrying three persons, 218 people not wearing seat belts, 12 persons using mobile phone while driving, 12 persons for over speeding, 14 persons for overloading and 125 persons for other offences. Besides 57 vehicles were seized including 40 two wheelers and 17 four wheelers.

The main objective of the drive is to aware the general public and youths regarding traffic rules like wearing a helmet, avoiding overtaking, control over speed, avoiding triple riding wearing seat belts, avoiding driving on the wrong side, avoiding use of tinted glasses, avoiding drunken
driving and parking vehicles on pedestrian crossings roads and footpaths. Police would continue to act tough against the people found violating traffic rules and drive continues.

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