NC-Congress responsible for Jammu discrimination:BJP

To enable the party activists to reach the masses with the true picture of the AIIMS, as sanctioned by Union Health Ministry, the State unit of BJP organized 1-day ‘workers meeting’ at Jammu on Sunday. It was addressed by BJP State President & MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, Former State President & MLC Ashok Khajuria, State General Secretary(Org.) Ashok Koul, Social Welfare Minister Bali Bhagat, Industries Minister Chander Prakash Ganga and Minister of PHE & Irrigation Sukhnandan Kumar.

NC-Congress responsible for Jammu discrimination - BJPJugal Kishore Sharma, on this occasion, said that BJP has the history of leading the struggle for the Jammu and its people and it is this continuous struggle since decades that the Jammu has been able to get various projects from the centre. It was during the previous NDA government that AIIMS was sanctioned for Jammu and it is for NC, Congress and PDP to explain to the public why they did not ensure its establishment in Jammu and why they did not make any effort to seek it when they were in power. It is ironic that today those political outfits are accusing BJP of betraying Jammu when the discrimination with Jammu became the routine practice during their rule. These are the same political parties which froze delimitation of constituencies till 2026 and never questioned why Kashmir had 46 assembly seats while Jammu has only 37 seats despite the fact that Jammu had more population, more area and more difficult terrain.

Ashok Khajuria said that it is for the first time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir that the aspiration of Jammu has been honoured by the Union Government by granting AIIMS, IIM and IIT to Jammu, which is indeed a gift.

Ashok Koul said that the BJP has history of struggles and sacrifices in Jammu and Kashmir and today those who are criticizing BJP of betraying the Jammu people should remember that whatever discrimination and ill treatment has been meted to Jammu and its people was during the rule of Congress and NC. He said that the BJP does not need any certificate from such parties who always took Jammu for granted and compromised its interest by bowing before Kashmir centric successive governments.
Bali Bhagat said that the attempts being made to malign the image of BJP is due to the desperation and frustration among parties like Congress, NC and Panthers, who cannot digest that BJP is in power and they are out of power.

Chander Prakash Ganga said that the dream of some political parties that BJP government will come down any time will remain dream only as our coalition is working round the clock for the development and welfare and the people are themselves watching the same.
Sukhnandan Kumar said that the performance of the coalition government during the five months has given the leaders of NC, Congress and Panthers sleepless nights and they are helpless and hence using other tactics to remain in news for their survival.
Proceedings of the meeting were conducted by State General Secretary Munish Sharma.
The workers meeting was attended by party senior leaders, state office bearers, MLAs, MLCs, Morcha Presidents, Distt. Presidents, Mandal and Ward Presidents besides a large number of party supporters.

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