Why Open to Close? Srinagar’s Traffic Enigma: An In-depth Analysis

Why Open to Close? Srinagar's Traffic Enigma: An In-depth Analysis

Unraveling Srinagar’s Traffic Enigma: A Comprehensive Examination By: Javid Amin Nestled amidst the idyllic landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar has long held the distinction of being the ‘Paradise on Earth,’ beckoning visitors from every corner. Yet, beneath this ethereal facade, the city grapples daily with a challenging issue – an intricate web of traffic congestion that bewilders its residents. The Intricate Maze of Diversions: Srinagar’s thoroughfares, once serene boulevards adorned with blooming chinar trees, have transformed into a complex maze of diversions. It’s a sight all too familiar –…

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