Bukhari appeals to Hurriyat, Jamaat Members to Join Apni Party if they believe in India’s Sovereignty

Bukhari appeals to Hurriyat, Jamaat Members to Join Apni Party if they believe in India's Sovereignty

Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari today made an appeal to political leaders and prominent workers including those from the Hurriyat Conference and Jamaat-e-Islami, who believe in the sovereignty and integrity of India and its constitution to join his party to strengthen the peace process in Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking to KIF he said those who are terrorists, anti-nationals, hatching conspiracies with enemy country and involved in drugs cannot join the Apni Party.

He stated that his appeal is also for those in other parties including the National Conference (NC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). “I want to make Apni Party an all-inclusive party and not like a family party. The foundation of the Apni Party was laid on the principle of truth and the truth is that our destiny lies with India and the solution of all our problems also lies with New Delhi. We are strictly adhering to this principle and continue to work for peace and for ending the bloodshed and violence,” Bukhari said.

Asked whether he wants to bring the people from Jamaat-e-Islami and Hurriyat Conference into the national mainstream, Bukhari said, “I want to strengthen the peace process. Peace is very important for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Infact peace is more important for us than anybody else. “

He stated that there should be a complete end to bloodshed. “This bloodshed has caused enormous death and destruction in Jammu and Kashmir. We all have to contribute to move out of it and collectively work for peace. Some of the parties are banned. Their leaders and workers have no connection with the banned organisations now. Politically it is not an end for them. They are the citizens of this country. They are not untouchable. They can contribute to the peace and development of Jammu and Kashmir. They can join the Apni Party if they believe in the constitution of our country, its sovereignty and integrity and if they are not terrorists and anti-nationals, and not hatching conspiracies with enemy country and involved in drugs. India is the largest democracy in the world and we are proud of our democratic values. I hope the leaders and others, irrespective of their past affiliation become part of this great democratic setup and work for peace.”

The Apni Party President stated that the traditional political parties used their support in the past behind the scenes. “They would clandestinely get their support and infact a party was formed with their support. I am openly appealing to them to join my party and work for peace. I am openly seeking their support,” he said.

Asked whether he is in touch with Hurriyat or Jamaat people, he said, “I am not in touch with them. But our doors are open for them provided they meet our conditions, which I already stated.”

Bukhari viewed that the people of Jammu and Kashmir received some pain from New Delhi also but the solution of the pain also lies with New Delhi and nowhere else. “Unlike other traditional parties, I do not want to mislead our people and use their sentiments for wrong things. I will never mislead my people. I and my party have been always guiding them through truth and not exploiting them, “he said.

Regarding his comments during his media interaction at a party function in Srinagar today about the delimitation exercise, Bukhari said, “Yes, I said there that the delimitation was an injustice with some areas and some people.”

About Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha’s recent statement that 80 percent of people in J&K are happy with the working of his administration and want continuation of the system, the Apni Party President said,” The Lieutenant Governor sahib is doing his job and doing a great job. He can say whatever we feel. We are living in a democracy and not in an undemocratic country and are guided by the principles of democracy, “he said.

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