Sizzling Srinagar: Valley Swelters as Second Hottest July Day in a Decade Scorches City

Sizzling Srinagar: Valley Swelters as Second Hottest July Day in a Decade Scorches City

Kashmir Sizzles Under Unprecedented Heatwave, Srinagar Records Second Hottest July Day in a Decade

Kashmir is experiencing a brutal heatwave, with scorching temperatures exceeding normal levels by a significant margin. On Tuesday, Srinagar, the region’s capital, witnessed its hottest day of the season, reaching a staggering 34.6°C. This scorching temperature even surpassed Kolkata’s high of 31°C, making Srinagar hotter than a city typically known for its sweltering summers.

This scorching heatwave isn’t just uncomfortable; it’s setting records. Meteorological officials report that Tuesday marked the second hottest July day in Srinagar for the past decade. The all-time record for July’s highest temperature still stands at 35°C, set in 2021. However, with Tuesday’s scorching heat, Srinagar came close to breaking that record.

The heatwave’s impact extends beyond Srinagar. Across the Kashmir Valley, temperatures on Tuesday were roughly five degrees above normal. Several other locations reached scorching highs, including Kupwara (34.6°C), Qazigund (34°C), and Pahalgam (29.1°C).

The relentless heat has had a significant impact on daily life. Water shortages are becoming a growing concern in many areas as residents struggle to stay cool. The health department has issued advisories to help people cope with the extreme heat. Schools in the valley will be enjoying a ten-day summer vacation starting July 8th, likely in part due to the heatwave.

Unsurprisingly, the scorching temperatures are keeping many people indoors. Sales of air conditioners, fans, and coolers have surged as residents desperately seek relief from the heat. Traffic congestion has also worsened as commuters try to avoid the sweltering midday sun. Many are taking their cars to service stations to ensure their air conditioning systems are functioning properly.

There’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon, though. The meteorological department predicts a reprieve from the heatwave starting Thursday. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are forecast for many places, with a chance of more widespread moderate rain across Jammu and Kashmir from July 5th to 6th. However, forecasters warn that the hot and humid conditions are likely to return from July 8th to 10th.

While some relief is expected, the heatwave serves as a stark reminder of the changing climate. Experts warn that such extreme weather events are likely to become more frequent and intense in the future.

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