Rahul Gandhi Highlights 10 Key Issues in NDA’s First 15 Days

Rahul Gandhi Highlights 10 Key Issues in NDA’s First 15 Days

The tragic train accident in West Bengal and a slew of terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir were among the 10 issues Rahul Gandhi highlighted.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday lambasted the new National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, over its performance during its first15 days.

In a post on X, Rahul Gandhi listed a series of incidents and issues, including a tragic train accident in West Bengal and terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, to assert that the prime minister is “busy saving his government.”

He pointed to the NEET-UG and UGC-NET paper leaks, the cancellation of NEET-PG exams, the rising costs of essential commodities like milk, pulses, and gas, as well as toll expenses to corner the NDA government on the first day of the first session of 18th Lok Sabha.

“First 15 days of NDA! 1. Horrific train accident 2. Terrorist attacks in Kashmir 3. The plight of passengers in trains 4. NEET scam 5. NEET PG cancelled 6. UGC NET paper leak 7. Milk, pulses, gas, toll and expensive 8. Forests blazing with fire 9. Water crisis 10. Deaths due to lack of arrangements during heat wave,” Rahul Gandhi said on X.

“Psychologically on the backfoot, Narendra Modi is busy saving his government,” he added.

Gandhi asserted that the Modi government’s actions constitute an attack on the Constitution, vowing that the opposition will continue to apply pressure and ensure accountability.

“The attack on the Constitution by Narendra Modi and his government is not acceptable to us – and we will not allow this to happen under any circumstances,” he said.

“INDIA’s strong opposition will continue its pressure, raise the voice of the people, and will not allow the Prime Minister to escape without accountability.”

Earlier in the day, opposition leaders of Congress-led INDIA bloc marched to the Lok Sabha holding copies of the Constitution in their hands, leaders of the INDIA bloc marched to the Lok Sabha chamber.

Asked whether the message of the opposition was reaching out to the people, the former Congress president said, “Our message is reaching the public and no power can touch the Constitution of India and we will protect it.” Source

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