PM Modi’s Dos and Don’ts: Speak Sparingly, Act Timely

PM Modi’s Dos and Don’ts: Speak Sparingly, Act Timely

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday told his newly inducted Cabinet ministers “to speak only when necessary… and not to make unnecessary statements.”

The Prime Minister listed out dos and don’ts for the members of his new Cabinet at the first council of ministers meet at his residence in the evening of June 10 after which the portfolio allocated to ministers was announced.

‘Avoid giving Pravachans’

“Do not make unnecessary statements, speak only when necessary on issues related to your ministry,” sources to News18 quoted the prime minister as saying.

“Avoid giving pravachans (sermons),” he further told the ministers of his alliance government.

‘Reach the Ministry on time

Prime Minister Modi, who is known to start his day very early and work long hours, also asked the ministers of his Cabinet to “reach the Ministry on time.”
“Reaching the Ministry on time also has a positive effect on the office staff,” sources mentioned the prime minister as saying.

‘Involve the MoS’

PM Modi also reportedly told his senior ministers to “send the file to your MoS also and involve the Minister of State in the decisions of the Ministry.”

Modi 3.0 Cabinet portfolio announced

Modi was sworn-in as prime minister for the third consecutive term along with his 71 ministers on Sunday. The portfolios of the newly elected ministers in his cabinet were announced on Monday evening after the first cabinet meeting took place in Delhi.

Apart from PM Modi, there are 30 Cabinet Ministers, five Ministers of State (MoS) with Independent charge, and 36 Ministers of State (MoS).

Amit Shah retained the Ministry of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh has retained the Defence Ministry, Nitin Gadkari retained the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Nirmala Sitharaman retained the Finance Ministry, while Jaishankar retained the External Affairs Ministry.

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