Panun Kashmir Disputes Government Claims of Normalcy in Kashmir

Panun Kashmir Disputes Government Claims of Normalcy in Kashmir

After the targeted killing of two labourers from Punjab in downtown Srinagar, the Kashmiri Pandit organisation, Panun Kashmir, today accused the government of secularising terrorism in J&K. The organisation said danger of targeting Hindus in Jammu and minorities in Kashmir are increasing.

Panun Kashmir said the government should wake up to the reality and move past its self-imposed delusion of normalcy.

“The government’s response after the killings is typical. It fails to grasp or acknowledge the underlying message of these acts. After each such incident, we hear promises of increased security, establishment of security checkpoints around minority clusters, and heightened deployment for dominance,” the Panun Kashmir said.

“We fail to understand why this dominance is being relaxed and who advises lowering it. Why are security measures only focused on minority clusters if terrorists target everyone?” the Panun asked.

“You refuse to acknowledge the ideological roots of this terrorism; it stems from political issues,” Panun added. The organisation said the killings have once again exposed the government’s assessment of the ground security situation as out of touch with reality.

“The government’s repeated assertion that there is ‘normalcy’ before and after acts of terror is self-defeating,” the Panun added.

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