Unveiling the Art of Walking: A Comprehensive Guide Tailored for Every Life Stage

Unleash Your Inner Walker: Optimize Your Stride for Every Stage of Life By : Saika J In the relentless hustle of modern life, where time for elaborate gym sessions or intricate yoga routines may be a luxury, one often overlooks the profound benefits of a seemingly simple act — walking. Numerous studies have highlighted the long-term advantages of walking, ranging from maintaining heart health to boosting metabolism and even aiding in controlling high blood pressure. The notion of achieving the golden 10,000 steps per day has been widely propagated, but…

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‘Hindus Won’t Look at Other Temples’: Ram Temple Official’s Conditional Offer on Gyanvapi, Krishna Janmabhoomi

"Hindus Won't Look at Other Temples": Ram Temple Official's Conditional Offer on Gyanvapi, Krishna Janmabhoomi

Last month, the Hindu litigants claimed the ASI survey report said the Gyanvapi mosque was built on the remains of a grand Hindu temple. Pune: Govind Dev Giri Maharaj, the treasurer of Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, has urged the Muslim side to give up the Gyanvapi and Mathura mosques in order to resolve the disputes peacefully. He said Hindus will not look at other temples if the Gyanvapi and Krishna Janmabhoomi issues are resolved amicably. “We do not even desire to look at the other temples if three temples are…

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