Facebook pages exploit Kashmiri Women with morphed images in quest for Popularity

Facebook pages exploit Kashmiri Women with morphed images in quest for Popularity

Posting your personal and private pictures on social media is never a good idea, as thousands of social media users including some Facebook page owners are taking the shortest possible route to gain followers and popularity on social media, by using morphed pictures of women, especially young girls on their timelines.

Diving a little deeper into the dark net of Facebook pages and chat groups in Kashmir, the story gets murkier with hundreds of Facebook profiles, pages and chat groups using pictures of kashmiri women, especially social media influencers and some accidently leaked pictures of women.

Our ‘Social Media Analysis Team’ at The Kashmir Radar, initially found a chat group with hundreds of members, sharing obscene videos of women with each other.

Upon delving a little deeper, in order to gain more information, we found more than 10 active Facebook pages uploading graphic content and obscene videos of several kashmiri girls with thousand of views and comments.

Analysing the algorithm and location based statistics, we found more than 80 percent of the engagement on such posts from Jammu and Kashmir itself.

Several pictures were morphed by using computer animation techniques or free-to- use mobile applications which modify or edit the original pictures. Pictures of various female athletes too were found on such pages, with captions, “I am available to chat” “Join me tonight for a video chat” “one who first shares my picture will be given my number.” etc.

In addition to pictures, we found more than 15 videos which had pictures of kashmiri girls put as a slide show and abusive audios in the background as well. Alarmingly, the audio’s used were recorded by girls in kashmiri language, using abusive and cuss words.

Additionally, several call recordings, featuring a kashmiri boy and a girl too were used to gain viewership.

The modus operandi of such Facebook pages and chat groups is very tricky, as the admins of such groups on Facebook never allow a Facebook profile with a decent following on social media to join their group, the request is outrightly declined by them.

One such group on Facebook with more than Fifteen Thousand members, shockingly accepts anything which its members post on it. In addition to morphed picture of kashmiri girls, we found religious videos on the timeline of the group as well.

Here is how we can help Facebook in taking such pages down instantly.

Reporting such pages by a large numbers of social media users is the key. Once people in large numbers report such pages on Facebook, after reviving your report, the page is banned or the content shared by it is taken down.

After discovering such pages or groups on Facebook, the link should be shared with your friends, requesting them to report the page so that it gets blocked.

However, you should also write a short description about the page, so that people on social media get to know what mischief this page has done on social media.

Read our one more analysis on how kashmiri girls were put on sale shamelessly by a content creator from Kashmir. The video was viewed by millions of people, with none of them reporting the grave issue to Facebook.

Here are some pages which are actively involved in using pictures of women from kashmir.

Kashmiri Boys and Girls
Kashmiri Girls 
Kashmiri Girls
Yakjut- Kashmiri Boys and Girls 


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