Pledge to promote Kashmir cause reaffirmed

The 13th anniversary of Azad Kashmir Radio and 6th anniversary of its second channel Radio FM-93 were observed here on Thursday with renewal of a pledge to achieve their prime objective of projecting the Kashmir cause in an effective manner.
Pledge to promote Kashmir cause reaffirmedAzad Kashmir Radio Mirpur had started its regular transmissions 13 years ago on September 30, 2002. Then Minister for Information and Media Development Nisar A Memon had inaugurated its Broadcasting House.
AK Radio Mirpur is the third major public-sector radio station in AJK next to Radio Muzaffarabad and Radio Tararkheil. Similarly its second channel FM-93 emerged in the same building this day three years back in 2009 to provide the programmes of infotainment. The chennels project the Kashmir cause depicting the importance of 67 years old indigenous struggle of Kashmiris for their globally-acknowledged right to self-determination through their programmes.
A ceremony was hosted jointly by the local management of the two radios and the artists at the broadcasting house of AK Radio Mirpur with Station Director Muhammad Shakeel in the chair. Artists cut the cakes in the studios marking the 13th and 6th anniversaries of the AK Radio Mirpur and FM-93.
Airing their views through the simultaneous live transmission of the two radios, seasoned broadcasters and anchors highlighted the importance of effective role of radio being the fastest mean of infotainment in the era of progress.
Speakers observed that since Mirpur radio had successfully completed 13 years of its establishment, it was proving to be an affective source of information, knowledge and entertainment besides projecting the Kashmir cause. The channels highlight the importance of Kashmiris indigenous struggle for freedom.
Speaking on the occasion, the station director highlighted the role of radio in the modern age and said both Medium Wave and FM-93 of Mirpur Radio were promoting the social and cultural activities. He pointed out that both the radios were performing their fullest role in all circumstances to provide quality, entertainment, education and information-based programs to the listeners.
Various steps were being taken to further improve the quality of programmes and news and current affairs programmes, he said. He stated that the staff and artists of AK Radio deserved applause for their extraordinary and outstanding performance. He lauded the staff members and artists for showing extraordinary professional skills.
Mirpur Radio has also planned to produce various special programmes focusing youth and sports for the interest of the young generation besides the live programmes from the city streets, the station director added.

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