Pashkum bi-election concludes peacefully, results on Oct 10

The Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) Kargil’s bi-election for Pashkum constituency which had fallen vacant after elected member resigned concluded peacefully yesterday and result are scheduled to be declared on Oct 10.
Pashkum bi-election concludes peacefully, results on Oct 10Political crisis in LAHDC Kargil had begun soon after the resignation of MLA Kargil Asgar Karbalai as councilor from Pashkum constituency.
He decided to stay as MLA Kargil after winning the elections with a good margin.
The then council led by Congress was toppled by National Conference (NC) with the help of Islamia School Kargil (ISK).
However, Haji Anayat Ali (Chairman Legislative Council) and MLC Kargil had also announced his support for NC-ISK led council.
 After six month the government announced bi-election in Pashkum constituency.
Congress fielded Kachu Feroze as its candidate while NC –PDP and Islamia School unanimously decide to field Mohammad Jawed.
However, initially BJP had announced that the candidate who will be supported by PDP will also be supported by them but later they said they were not going to participate in Pashkum election.
On other hand, MLA Kargil Asgar Karbalai also emphasized voters during election campaign to vote for their candidate Kachu Feroze.
He termed the elections as the contest between “Congresses versus all”.
Government had setup 12 polling booths in the constituency for 3, 389 voters.
The turnout was 80.70% .
Talking to media, Kachu feroze said, “This is democracy and we will try to find out ways to win and will try how to win the vote so that the development process will continue.”
The independent candidate Mohammad Jawed said, “I am happy that the elections are going on. Our developmental work was held up since last one year and we hope this council and Haji Anayat will support us”.
Pertinently, Pashkum constituency is known as the stronghold of Congress. But since the Islamia School, PDP and NC are backing a single candidate, the contest seems very tough.

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