Omar yet to learn decency, says Speaker

Speaker of the state Assembly Kavinder Gupta, “pained” over the repeated “derogatory” remarks passed by former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on him, today regretted that the working president of state’s oldest political party was yet to learn decency and decorum despite being a public figure of prominence in J&K politics.

“Difference of opinion is normal in a democratic system like ours but treating your political opponents as inferiors and passing derogatory remarks against them is against the spirit of democracy,” Gupta told The Tribune while reacting sharply to Omar’s repeated remarks against him.

“The way Omar Abdullah is repeatedly passing personal derogatory remarks against me is a reflection of the dictatorial mindset of the NC leadership, which finds it difficult to digest a BJP man in the chair of the Speaker,” Gupta said while reminding the NC leader that in a democratic system people were the real kingmakers.

“Omar Abdullah should keep in mind that we are living a democratic set-up where peoples’ writ prevails over dominance of some influential families,” he said.

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