Is Kashmir issue dead and buried for OIC?

None except Pak mention K-word

Is Kashmir issue dead and buried for OICThough the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OICs) contact group on Kashmir once again referred to the resolution of Kashmir issue but political experts believe that events taking place throughout the muslim world may well reduce the Kashmir issue to a footnote.
Political experts too point out that economics is driving politics as far as the OIC’s stand on Kashmir is concerned. Dr. Irshad, who teaches Political Science at the University of Kashmir says many Islamic Countries stay away from Kashmir issue because they have ties with India.
“All Muslim countries don’t want to break relationship with India so they maintain distance by not raising the Kashmir issue.They don’t want to poke their nose into this issue. Pakistan was and is the only country that has shown interest and raised the K-issue at every platform,” Dr Irshad told Kashmir Monitor.
Infact in 1969 King Hassan of Morocco invited the Government of India for the 1969 Summit in Rabat. But after Pakistan ruler General Yahya Khan threatened to walk out, King Hassan requested the Indian delegates not to attend the meeting.
Political leaders too admit that apart from  summits and a customary reference OIC too has failed Kashmir. “Except Pakistan we see no other country in OIC talking about Kashmir. Infact the entire OIC contact group in Kashmir is driven by Pakistan. We wish we had more open support”, says a separatist leader who did not wish to be named.
“Though OIC members keep inviting senior separatist leaders to address them on Kashmir, but the urgency and empathy of the 1990’s is surely missing. They do this more out of a formality and pressure than as on obligation to fellow muslims”, the same leader says.
In the recently held OIC summit in New York it was once again just Pakistan which touched on the Kashmir issue while rest of the members just marked their presence.
“We request the OIC Contact Group to impress upon India to refrain from ceasefire violations, which are becoming a threat to peace in the region. The people of Jammu and Kashmir look up to the OIC and the brotherly Muslim countries for their consistent and invaluable support in achieving their right to self-determination,” Adviser to PM on National Security & Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz told the OIC contact group.
But after the meeting ended in New York none of the major Islamic Countries needled India on the Kashmir  issue. “ Kashmir issue is like a dead Horse of the OIC. They all have economic ties with India. The members attend OIC meetings, listen to Pakistan and then go home. This is all economic and no politics”, says a keen observer.
The OIC contact group on Kashmir goes back to 1994. When during the OIC 1994 Conference in Tehren, Pakistan succeeded in persuading the member countries to create the “OIC Contact Group on Kashmir”.
Mubashir Bukhari

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