Geelani appeals clerics to aware Muslims on ‘Qadiyaniyat’

Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Tuesday appealed the Imams (clerics) and Islamic scholars to aware the Muslims about the new sedition of “Qadyaniyat” and asked them to stay away from this ‘Fitnah’.
Geelani appeals clerics to aware Muslims on 'Qadiyaniyat’He said the whole Muslim Ummah has collectively rejected the fake prophesy theory of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani and has termed him and his followers as non-Muslims.
In a statement Geelani said Islam teaches respect, tolerance and affection to the Muslims and this religion has no place for the duress and coercion. Muslims have been instructed to be affectionate and brotherly with the non-Muslim brothers even if Muslims are in majority in that country, he said.
Geelani said every person of any religion has right to follow and preach his own religion or ideology and Islam believes that argument should be answered with suitable argument. He said the issue of Mirzais (Qadyanis) is however different from that.
“Although they have been declared as non-Muslims according to their belief and ideology but they deceive and confuse people by calling themselves as Muslims and it creates confusion and misunderstanding in the Muslim society and can trigger a major conflict,” he said.
Geelani said Mirzais are free to follow and preach their religion but they have no right to do all this in the name of Islam. “It not only gives a wrong interpretation of Islam but is also a mischievous act of bringing bad image of this religion which is totally unacceptable to the Muslims.”
Hurriyat (G) chairman said Jammu & Kashmir is a very sensitive region where instability and political uncertainty is prevailing but ‘RSS ideology government’ is deliberately trying to create such issues here which have tendency to harm communal brotherhood and tranquility of the state and which is aimed to divert the attention of the Kashmiri people from their just and genuine struggle.
Geelani appealed the people who have better Islamic understanding that they should aware the Muslims about the ‘deceitful tactics and wicked plots of India and inform them about the Fitnah of Qadiyaniyat.’

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