Conflict major setback to Kashmir economy: Experts

57th ISLE Annual Conference

Conflict major setback to Kashmir economy - ExpertsAn expert team of economists from different states of India today said the ongoing conflict in Kashmir has deterred the development of state.

Experts were addressing a press conference on 57th annual conference of ‘The Indian Society of Labor Economics’ (ISLE) here at Sheri-i- Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology (SKAUST).
Professor Ravi Shankar Srivastava professor of economics Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi said where there is a conflict people are severely affected so is the development of the place affected.
“Economics of Kashmir is an issue it has been severely affected by ongoing conflict”.
Conference was organized by department of economics central university of Kashmir and Division of agriculture, economics and marketing,SKAUST and sponsored by Jammu And Kashmir Bank. Addressing to reporters Prof Abhijit Sen professor at CESP Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi said Conflict can be costly for a particular state as it slows down the economy.
“One of the things which has happened to Kashmir is that it relies more on funds from outside state, when such things happen with a conflict ridden state it stokes the conflict,” said Prof Sen.
Professor Sen however said the exclusion of Jammu and Kashmir as a special state from finance commission “would not affect the economy of Jammu and Kashmir” keeping in view “BJP as a coalition partner with the state government”.
Deliberating over the state of casual workers Dr. Gerry Rodgers Director international institute for labor studies Geneva said the problem of casual labors accounts among the prime problems which India presently face.
Responding to the questions Chairperson ISLE Prof Yoginder K. Alagh said labor economic researchers are worried about the future of the country and “we have no institutions like planning commission which research and bring into the attention of government and people”.
Prof Alagh said, research done by the economists is used by media, trade unions and other social institutions “which then has a larger impact on people”.
Thanking the experts for being the part of conference Vice Chancellor Central University Prof Mehraj-Ud-Din Mir said economy of Kashmir has suffered of many reasons.
“Our economy primarily suffered by the 25 years of conflict and then 2014 Floods was a major jolt to Kashmir economy.” Said Prof Mir.
Professor also held Indian media responsible for the impeding Kashmir economy.
“Many a times Indian media hypes unnecessary issues regarding Kashmir which affects our economy”.
The 57th annual conference of ISLE was inaugurated on October 10 and will commence on October 12. Various national and international academicians and researchers attended the conference.
Zubair Amin/Muzamil Mattoo

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