1.38 lakh youth registered with employment centres across JK

With unemployment on the rise in the state, the government today revealed that nearly 1,38,343 youth of the state have registered themselves with the district employment and counselling centres till September.

1.38 lakh youth registered with employment centres across JKUnemployment has become a major problem for youth in Kashmir. According to the survey released by the Labour Bureau under the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, Jammu and Kashmir, has the highest unemployment rate in northern India and stand eighth all over India.

According to the Fourth Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey 2014, JK has an overall unemployment rate of 105 per 1,000 persons while at all-India level, the unemployment rate is 49.

The government said nearly 1,38,343 youth have registered themselves at different employment exchanges across the state which is expected to rise in the next few months.

After promising employment in its election manifesto, the BJP-PDP government has failed to come up with a comprehensive employment policy for the youth which is leading the young people into depression.

“The government is only doing lip service, they have failed to deliver on ground. The youth is the future of our nation but even having professional degrees makes no difference in Kashmir,” said Irfan Ahmad, a research scholar.

As the process of registration is voluntary, the figures of unemployment in Kashmir are believed to be much higher than in government records.

“The registration at employment exchanges is a voluntary process. The figures are much higher than what are being shown by the government. They have completely failed to give a healing touch to the youth who feel alienated as there are no opportunities in place for them,” said Shakeel Ahmad, a student.

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