ISIS has no role in Kashmir: United Jihad Council

49 Indian troopers killed in 35 attacks

Conglomerate of militant outfits, United Jihad Council (UJC) Thursday said that there is no role of ISIS in Kashmir Valley. In a statement to CNS, spokesperson UJC Syed Sadaqat Hussain said that a high level meeting was called under the chairmanship of Conglomerate chief Syed Sallahuddin.

ISIS has no role in Kashmir - United Jihad CouncilDuring the meeting it was said that the heinous acts in the name of Islam by ISIS in Iraq, Syria, Quait, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and its anti Hamas and anti Afghan Taliban statements makes it evident that it is controlled by anti-Islamic and imperialistic forces. “ISIS is the mysterious brute force of modern times and people need to be careful about it.”

The leaders of UJC while expressing satisfaction over the role played by militants in Kashmir said that this year the militants in the field all across Kashmir carried out 35 attacks on the Indian forces in which 49 Indian troopers were killed and 65 were wounded. “Militants managed to snatch 13 rifles from Indian forces, however, during all these attacks 42 militants also lost their lives,” they said.

Paying a glorious tribute to the slain militants, the UJC leaders reiterated that, “freedom struggle will continue till it is not taken to its logical conclusion and nobody will be allowed to compromise with the sacred blood of the martyrs.”

During the meeting, People of Pakistan were congratulated on their Independence Day and it was hoped that Pakistani leadership will play a role of a strong party with regard to Kashmir issue. “We appeal people of Jammu and Kashmir to observe India’s Independence Day as Black Day. India has occupied Kashmir on the basis of its military power and it has been resorting to grave human rights violations in Kashmir. The extra-judicial killings, the unmarked graves are enough to expose the hidden face of India. Unfortunately, International community despite knowing all this act as mute spectators. Our struggle will bear fruits one day,” the leaders said.

During the meeting, an appeal was made to those youth who wish to join militant ranks and they were asked, “to join the popular and reliable militant groups to fight against Indian occupation. (CNS)

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