Creation of Sanik Colony in Kashmir a conspiracy to change the demography

Expressing deep concern over the alleged plan of the state and Central government to settle retired Indian army personnel in Sanik Colony in Kashmir, militant outfit Jamiat-ul-Mujhadeen (JuM) Wednesday said the attitude of the both the state and Indian government on this sensitive issue is ambiguous and suspicious.

Creation of Sanik Colony in Kashmir a conspiracy to change the demographyIn a statement to CNS, spokesperson JuM, Jameel Ahmed said that the move to settle retired army men in Sanik colony is aimed at to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Government of India in connivance with so called state government wants to eliminate the disputed character of Jammu and Kashmir. People of Kashmir will oppose the move and will not allow India to succeed in its wicked designs. People will not allow India to create Israel type settlements in Kashmir,” the spokesperson said.

JuM spokesperson expressed concern over the desecration of Holy Quran and said that the people involved in such acts are inviting the wrath of Almighty Allah. “Steps should be taken to bury the flood affected holy pages of Quarn and stringent punishment should be awarded to those involved in sacrilegious act,” JuM said.

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