28 Mumbai Visitors Caught with Fake Gandola Tickets in Gulmarg, Kashmir: Officials

28 Mumbai Visitors Caught with Fake Gandola Tickets in Gulmarg, Kashmir: Officials

At least 28 tourists from Mumbai were caught with fake Gandola tickets at famous ski resort Gulmarg in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, officials said on Friday. The tourists, they said, were given these fake tickets by their tour operator in Mumbai.

In a statement, issued here, A spokesperson said the ticket scanning team of Gulmarg Gondola Project got hold of a group of 28 passengers from Mumbai at the scanning point of Gulmarg Gondola station.

“These passengers were carrying edited fake tickets through their tour Manager Makrand Anand Ghanekar S/o Anand Ghanekar of Mumbai,” reads the statement.

It reads, “We have an inbuilt system of dealing with such type of cases in place at Gulmarg Gondola Project. Our team of officers at the project handled this case in a meticulous manner and it was confessed by the tour Manager that he had himself edited these tickets at Mumbai and the passengers were not aware about this illegal activity.”

It added it was made sure by our officers that the passengers do not suffer because of the ill plans of tour company. “A written complaint was obtained from the passengers who had been cheated by tour company namely Veene World Mumbai. The case along with all the details, Proofs, witnesses and the culprit were handed over to SHO Gulmarg by Incharge Gulmarg Gondola Project Showkat Ahmad Bhat for taking further necessary action in the matter.”

As per the statement the management of JKCCC in general and local management of Gulmarg Gondola in particular are putting up extreme efforts to make the ticketing system user friendly and more transparent.

“All these efforts are being made to ensure that the passengers do not suffer and do not feel inconvenience and leave as ambassadors of tourism department of J&K all over the country.”

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