Five-Point peace formula for solving Kashmir Issue: Abdul Gani Bhat

A senior separatist leader today said he was considering an outline for India and Pakistan to “move forward” on the K-issue and also listed a five-point formula for creating a “propitious environment” in the volatile region.
Abdul Gani Bhat, an executive member of a separatist amalgam headed by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, also urged all parties to the dispute to “rise above hostility, intransigence and historical ironies.”
“India and Pakistan as responsible nuclear states owe a duty to millions in the region who seek peace to rid them of the ghosts of uncertainty and instability,” said Bhat, who heads separatist group Muslim Conference.
Bhat said his group was considering an outline that could possibly help the parties move forward. “Yesterday is gone. Now is different,” Bhat said at a party event in Handwara town.
Bhat also listed an outline of five-points for the “people who matter.” He said it was aimed at generating “a propitious environment in Jammu and Kashmir.”
Bhat said his list was “going down to reality”. “I have not stuck a compromise with the situation, rather I have invited the attention of governments,” he said.

For a ‘propitious enviroment’…
Release prisoners
Withdraw cases against youth
Take re-look at summoning people to Army camps
Restrict ‘men with arms’ inside educational institutes
Ensure dignity to Kashmiris detained outside the state and security for students

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