Kashmir Business facing tough times : Javid Amin (CEO – Kashmir eServices)

Kashmir Business facing tough times : Javid Amin (CEO - Kashmir eServices)

Javid Amin is a personality of multi-talents and has been among the pioneers of bringing the IT world especially website related paradigms to Kashmir. He is also associated with travel business and running his own media initiatives (Press as well Online) .

In an exclusive interview he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

You started developing websites as early as 2000, How was the experience like?
Well it is a quite pertinent question and to be frank enough back then some more than 16 years ago not just websites the whole Information technology world was seen as some magical thing and people were quite alien about the same and had almost no knowledge of website or even internet world.
The challenge was quite firm but I enjoyed it and it is warming to note today many youngsters are in the field that we once pioneered here.

How was the customer behavior with reference to web designing those days ?
To be frank enough, the people here had very less idea about the ins and outs of website world and it was at times quiet funny but at the same time quite tricky to make them understand the same.

Tell us about Kashmir eServices?
Well among the first IT Concerns of Kashmir we are proud that we introduced the website creation and designing in Kashmir and have so far build hundreds of website here, and we also offer all type of IT Solutions under one roof.

A bit about MyKashmir (www.MyKashmir.in)
The project was started in 2005, with the aim to provide online information and catering to important knowledge about Kashmir and covers the all important facts that anyone from around the world needs to know about the beautiful and serene valley of Kashmir. We have tried our best to provide all necessary information about Kashmir, its art, culture, natural resources, some songs etc.

JKL Travels (Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Travels), what is it all about?
Travel Planners For Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. We are trying our best to provide unique / economical / travel experience to the travelers who are trying to explore our paradise in particular & whole india in general. We provide customised as well readymade packages for Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh in particular & whole india in general, which include Hotel / Houseboat, Dedicated Transportation, Local Guides as per customer requirements.
We are available at www.JKLTravels.com / www.KashmirTravels.in / www.MountainValleyKashmir.com / www.MagicSafari.in (Under Construction)

Tell us about your innovative Kashmir Store?
Kashmir Store (www.KashmirStore.in) – One Stop Shop for Authentic Kashmiri Products at your doorstep, a one stop solution to all your needs from all over the world about owning the exquisite products of Kashmir. We uses a marketplace model to capture the regional variations of Kashmir. We connect local artisans & designers directly to global customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middlemen, help them create/promote their brand and thereby preserve our culture,
traditions and values. We believe this journey will not only help artisans of Kashmir but also help customers discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to do today.

Tell us about your media initiatives?
Well we have many media concerns with being our Urdu News Paper Shohrat (www.Shohrat.in) which has given new voice to masses and also prominent online news concerns like the Kashmir Post (www.KashmirPost.org) and Kashmir InFocus (www.KashmirInFocus.com) looking to quench the online news thirst of people around the globe .

What are the main challenges faced by the businessman like you currently ?
As you are well aware yourself that kashmir situation is quite grim as a result of which the business is not moving ahead in right direction, the worsening scenarios are taking a toll on every business activity and our tourism, website designing, media is also worst hit .The overall business situation due to frequent uncertainty is killing business in kashmir.

Our Web Presence:
www.MyKashmir.in          – All About Kashmir

www.KashmirStore.in       – Authentic Kashmiri Products At Your Doorstep

www.JKLTravels.com / www.KashmirTravels.in /www.MountainValleyKashmir.com / www.MagicSafari.in

News & Media
www.Shohrat.in – Weekly News Paper
www.KashmirPost.org / www.KashmirInFocus.com

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