Govt has declared war against students: Mainstream Parties

National Conference decried the “ruthless” use of force against students and called the scenario a “proof that PDP BJP government had authorized its forces to target unarmed civilians.”

Accusing the government of declaring war against students, various mainstream parties condemned the forces’ action against students across Kashmir today.
National Conference decried the “ruthless” use of force against students and called the scenario a “proof that PDP BJP government had authorized its forces to target unarmed civilians.”
In a joint statement, NC Provincial Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar and YNC Provincial President Salman Ali Sagar said, “government has declared an open war against students. The fact that hundreds of students were injured while protesting against governments silence on last week’s attack inside Pulwama college campus and the current spate of killings proves that forces have been authorized by the state government to maim and kill our young.”
“Ever since Mehbooba Mufti took reins of the government in 2016, civilians have taken a heavy toll of forces’ brutalities. The action on students inside college campuses is unprecedented, and a proof enough that the forces have no accountability in Kashmir and have been given a free hand to do as they please,” Imran said.
Calling for measures to ensure safety of students Salman said, “It would have been prudent if the state government had closed down the educational institutions for a couple of days anticipating the culmination of large scale anger in youth against attacks inside educational institutions.”
Condemning the use of force against students, senior CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami today said the “present government has become reckless and wasn’t ready to read the writing on the wall.”
“It is sheer recklessness that on the one hand Chief Minister asks for maximum restraint and on the other hand law enforcing agencies become more aggressive in dealing with the situation. Security forces are freely entering into the education institutions and thrash the students and the staff as it happened today in Kulgam College and several other places thereby harassing and injuring dozens of students. This recklessness is bound to deteriorate the already volatile situation further,” Tarigami said.
“The government should sternly direct the security establishments not to enter into the educational institutions, universities, colleges, etc and excesses committed against the students must be probed and those responsible identified for an appropriate action,” Tarigami said.
Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress (JKPCC) Vice President and MLC G N Monga Monday condemned the use of force on students who were protesting against the security forces action on Degree College Pulwama students last week.
“Day-by-day situation in Kashmir is worsening while the PDP-BJP government is in deep slumber. Situation has reached to a point where even now students in colleges aren’t being spared. Youth is future of any nation, but unfortunately this government is targeting them,” Monga said.
Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Muhammad Yasin said that “it seems undeclared emergency has been imposed in the state.”
In a statement, Yasin said “law and order situation in the Valley was deteriorating day-by-day but Central and State governments were least bothered about these developments. Every day dozens of youth get injured or maimed for life, but both the governments are least bothered. Their answer to all situations is to use force which has yielded nothing but destruction till date,” he said.
J&K Pradesh Congress Committee(JKPCC) President G.A. Mir termed “raining of shells and harassment of students as a gift from Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to people of Kashmir.”
“Government has crossed all limits of brutalities. Chief Minister has miserably failed to ensure peaceful atmosphere. It would have been far better, if the Chief Minister who is also Home Minister directed forces not to enter educational institutions, which is the cause behind rising anger among the students. This is not only heinous, but a shameful act,” Mir said.
Describing the protest by students as genuine, Mir said that “interference in educational institutions and harassment of students is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” he said seeking stern action against those personnel responsible for harassment of students.

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